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Folk Music of Rajasthan

Rajasthan folk music can mesmerise anyone with its beautiful rythm and words. Folk music of Rajasthan is originated from emotions, stories and daily activities Rajasthani people. Its music binds listeners till the end with its melodiness.

Rajasthani music also includes many activities too like dancing and story-telling through songs. Among famous Rajasthani folk music- Panihari, Pabuji Ki Phach and Maand are best.


Mand or Maand is also a popular style of singing in Rajasthan. This is neither accepted as a full-fledged Raga nor is it reckoned among the freely rendered folk songs. It is quiet similar to... more »

The Pabuji Ki Phach is a beautiful folk music of Rajasthan which is performed in the commemoration of about a 14th century folk hero who is the most honored protagonist of the Bhopa community. This... more »

Panihari style of music were developed by woman of Rajasthan. As water is a scare commodity in the parched desert lands of Rajasthan and women who fetch water from afar called Panihari. The overworked women created... more »