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Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Rajasthan

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After the formation of Rajasthan, a new department, known to be the Directorate of Economics and Statistics was introduced in the state by the Government of Rajasthan in the year 1956 to the economic of the state statistically. Statistical cells are there in each department of state government to coduct statistical activities in the respective departments. Mr Suraj Mal Raigarh is the director of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Rajastahan. He is also the Chief Registrar of Birth and Deaths, State Agricultural Statistical Authority and Officer on Special Duty for Annual survey of industries of Rajasthan.

Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Rajasthan is responsible for-

  • Co-ordination of Statistical activities of various departments / organizations of the State Government
  • Undertaking integration of data required in different policy sectors and suggest ways and means to improve the quality and coverage of data series
  • To avoid duplication in collection and compilation of data, and
  • To adopt accepted standards in collection of data, classification, processing and dissemination of data

Divisions of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Rajasthan

  • Price Statistics
  • Industrial Survey
  • Agriculture Statistics
  • Coordination
  • Vital Statistics
  • Finance and State Income
  • Publications
  • National Sample Survey
  • Economic Census
  • Human Development in Rajasthan
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • Training
  • Administration

Contact Details:

Mr. Suraj mal Raigarh
Directorate of Economics and Statistics 
Yojana Bawan, Jaipur 
Rajasthan, India
Phone- 0141- 5167100
Fax- 0141-2229756 
Email- dir.des@rajasthan.gov.in 
Official Website- http://statistics.rajasthan.gov.in/Default.aspx

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