Rajasthan High Court Bench Jaipur

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Rajasthan High Court at Jaipur. The approved strength of Judges is 40. Out of them 32 Judges are permanent and 8 are additional judges. But presently there are 22 permanent judges and 8 additional judges working in Rajasthan high court.

Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Case Status & Cause List

It is an online information system designed to provide information on pending and disposed cases of Jaipur High Court for advocates, litigant public and judges. The required case information is derived from the large databases and provides daily orders, daily case list & orders are available as soon as the orders are signed by the court.

Know more about case status and its related details running in Jaipur High Court : Click Here
For Daily Cause List of Rajasthan High Court Jaipur : Click Here

Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Recruitment for 2016

To know more about current recruitment of Rajasthan High Court : Click Here

Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Calendar for 2016

To know about working days and vacation or leaves when working on Rajasthan high court will be stopped: Click Here

Latest Roaster Rajasthan High Court Principal Seat Jaipur : Click Here

Check Case Status, Judgement search of High Court of Rajasthan at Jaipur : Click Here

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Rajasthan High Court Bench Jaipur FAQs

What is the Jaipur high court website for checking court records or case status?

Rajasthan Govt. has separate website for checking case status running in Jaipur high court.
Please click URL to check the Rajasthan high court case status. http://rhccasestatus.raj.nic.in/smsrhcb/rhbcis/index.asp

How do I check Court Case related information running in Rajasthan High Court in Jaipur Bench?

First open Jaipur high court website. In this website you can find following options to check case status, court orders, judgments done by Rajasthan high court and other case related details.

  • Filing/Diary No. Search
  • Case No. Search
  • Party Search
  • Advocate Search
  • Judge Wise Search
  • Orders Date Wise
  • Judgments Date Wise
  • Free Text Search
  • Filing Status By Party Name
  • Reportable Judgments
  • PIL Judgments
  • By SB/Lower Court Detail
  • By Fir Number
  • Department Search

Is this website site free to use or they charge anything.

Yes, Its free to all.
Rajasthan Govt has designed free online information system to provide information on pending and disposed court cases of Jaipur High Court for advocates, litigant public and for judges.

What is the Address & Contact details of Rajasthan High Court of Jaipur Bench

Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench, Jaipur

Location : Bhagwant Das Rd, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015
Nodal Officer : Registrar Cum CPC
EAPBX : 2227341, 2227124, 2227135,2227065, 2227581, 2227232,2227573
Fax No. : 0141 – 2227168 (Administration)/ 2227842 (Protocol)

eMail Id : hcjaipur-rj@nic.in

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    Rajasthan High Court Cause List

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  4. jaipur district Court Says


    check about URL of government website of jaipur district Court. here you can also check the court case status, Court order of any specific case and jaipur district court case list.
    can also see the latest Recruitment (its related appointment and results) and Tender notice.

    Check list of other district courts of Rajasthan

  5. Weekly Rajasthan Cause List Says

    here you can find the Rajasthan Weekly Cause List


    Note: The lists/data prepared are for information only and may have clerical errors. You must see the notices issued by the Commission for authentic information.

  6. hariprasad sharma Says

    what is date my case in which bench!.Hariprasad versage omprakash appel no.230/2015