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Mount Abu

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Mount Abu is also known as Abu par vat, is the oasis in the desert land of Rajasthan. Mount Abu is a well known hill station situated in Aravali range in the state of Rajasthan in the west part of India located in the Sirohi district. It is located 58 km away from one of the district of Gujarat i.e. Palanpur. The peak of this range forms a plateau of 22 km which is long enough having 9 km width. The highest peak of the mountain is known to be Guru Shikhar, which is 1722 ms above the sea level, which is referred to be known as oasis in desert area. Earlier mount Abu was known as Arbudaanchal.

A famous view point from here known as sunset point is good to view the sun set. The sun set at the eve time looks very beautiful and seems like the sun is hiding behind the mountains for some time and will come back again in the morning time. Mount Abu is a very beautiful collection of various items here that can always keep the memories of trip very fresh and you can always get the fresh remembrance of the place whenever you see the items that you take from here including the place you visit.
Mount Abu is also good to start the trade and business here. As it is isolated place and the sectors are not available in large number here. So you can easily start your business here and can get the good stuffs from here.

Mount Abu is considered as home for many saints and sages. One of the most famous one is sage Vashishtha, believed to create fire pit or fire sacrifice to save the earth from huge damage by demons. It is surrounded by the forest areas. Forests are found everywhere near it.

Best time to visit Mount Abu

The best time to visit Mount Abu is whole year round. Summer months are too enoyable as it is the only hill station of Rajasthan. Temperature is pleasant all over the year.

Weather of Mount Abu

Summer season comes for 3 months from the middle of April to the middle of June when the temperature is approximately 36 degree Celsius. People have to think and keep in mind to bring light color cotton clothes with them if they are planning to make their trip at this time. This will definitely be fit for the climate of Mount Abu. Rain occurs in good amount all years in monsoon here. The temperature falls a lot during rainy season here. It reaches to less than the other parts of the country. It is good to have umbrella with you if you are planning to come here during monsoon.
Winters are very cool in Mount Abu. It rains properly here so the winters are also very cold here. The temperature of night reaches to 4 to 6 degree Celsius here which is really very chilled and cold. The time has also come here when some winters it become -2 degree Celsius. So if you are planning to make your trip during winter season then do not forget to bring warm clothes with you.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu by Frank

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i have a grop tour from alwer to mount abhu
thye are 100 adult.
bus need nun ac sleeper
1500-/rs budget /per.