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DJ Arjun Vagale Night

30 Mar - 30 Mar

08:00 PM

Lounge 18, Jaipur Marriott Hotel
Rs 2000 For 2

DJ Night

All DJ fans get ready for dance on the rhythm of India’s #1 DJ Arjun Vagale. This time in Jaipur, he alongside his bandmates has had a hand in the progression of India’s booming electronic music scene would be an understatement. Simply, one of the most successful electronic music acts hailing from India, Jalebee Cartel has consistently challenged the notion that dance music is a Western domain by single handedly putting India on the international ‘EDM’ map.

So all Jaipurites dance and DJ lovers move toward Lounge 18, Jaipur Marriott Hotel and burn the dance floor.

Event : DJ Night

Date : 30 March 2013

Timing : 08:00 P.M to 01:00 A.M

Venue : Lounge 18, Jaipur Marriott Hotel

Lounge 18 Jaipur Marriott Hotel Lobby Level, Ashram Marg Tonk Road, Jaipur