Rajasthan Travel Guide

Rajasthan Weather

Rajasthan weather is always a big puzzle in minds of tourists visiting or planning to visit Rajasthan. As located in the western part of India, it has varied topography. It has firm rocky Aravali, arid plain on western sides and fertile plain on eastern. All this leads to a vary climatic condition in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan weather conditions can be broadly divides in three parts-

  • Summers
  • Monsoons
  • Winters

Summers (Apr – July)

Summers are the most parched and sultry season in Rajasthan. Rajasthan summers are very hot for travelling and sightseeing in Rajasthan. Temperature normally range from 32°C to 45°C on any normal day in April to June. But sometimes or at some parts of Rajasthan , temperature could cross 48°C also. In July, there is a small dip in mercury and a reason to smile to explore Rajasthan. Light cotton clothes are recommend for summer season in Rajasthan.

Monsoon (Sept – Oct)

Monsoon add beauty to Rajasthan sightseeing by adding coolness in environment. Hot golden sand of desert now become enjoyable but there is very scarce rainfall in Rajasthan. Average temperature ranges between 32°C to 40°C with a high rise in humidity around 90%. Clothes same as of summers and an umbrella is recommend for enjoying monsoons in Rajasthan.

Winters (Nov – March)

Winters in Rajasthan is the dream season of every lover of Rajasthan state. The pleasant climate adds beauty to the glorious Rajasthan. It is the best season to travel and explore Rajasthan. Temperature ranges from 8° to 28° C and heavy clothing is recommend.

Rajasthan Climate

Season Temperature Rainfall
January to March (winters) 50F – 80F
10°C – 27°C
4mm – 7mm
April to June (summer) 75F – 105F
32°C – 45°C
11mm – 30mm
July to September (monsoon) 70F – 95F
35°C – 40°C
100mm – 165mm
October to December (post monsoon)
55F – 85F
18°C – 38°C
3mm – 8mm
Best Time To Visit Rajasthan
Weather in Rajasthan can be divided into 4 seasons like every other Indian State. The four seasons are summer, winters monsoon and post monsoon. Rajasthan... Read More
Rajasthan in September

Rajasthan During September During September monsoons moisturize the dry and sandy landscape and make Rajasthan one of the prettiest lands in the world. Peacocks dance to the music of the rain. It is best time... more »

Rajasthan in November

Rajasthan During November November attracts many tourist from all over globe to explore Rajasthan and experience its beauty and hospitality. Days are sunny and quiet warm while nights are cool here in Rajasthan during November.... more »

Rajasthan in October

Rajasthan During October Winter starts in October in Rajasthan. Days are quiet hot and nights are cool, creating a perfect ambience for exploring the princely state. This is the perfect time to visit Rajasthan. Warm... more »

Rajasthan in August

Rajasthan During August August is the month when rainfall can be seen in the thirsty land of Rajasthan. Monsoon arrives and reliefs the state from the adverse hot summer during August. A greenish surrounding can... more »

Rajasthan in July

Rajasthan During July Rajasthan get some relief by slight drop in temperature in July as compared to hot month of June. Pre monsoon sharp showers place some greenery and excite tourists to explore Rajasthan. Places... more »

Rajasthan in June

Rajasthan During June Due to its typical arid climate, Rajasthan is not a favourable place visit in the month of June. June records the highest temperature of the year normally. Schools remain closed and there... more »

Rajasthan in May

Rajasthan During May Rajasthan face a hot climate during the month of may. Schools and most colleges remain closed in may. There are only some countable tourist in Rajasthan. These are the months called "Off... more »

Rajasthan in April

Rajasthan During April Rajasthan remains calm during April month as most of its parts receives hot wave. April month in Rajasthan receives very less tourists as it marks the starting of summer season and daily... more »

Rajasthan in March

Rajasthan During March March marks the ending of winter season and starting of summer one. Rajasthan climate is slight hot but not humid at day time and cold at night in march. Its day temperature... more »

Rajasthan in February

Rajasthan During February Rajasthan weather in the month of february is very pleasant and favours visitors to travel around different tourists places in Rajasthan. February records maximum 30ºC-35ºC and minimum 3ºC-6ºC in Rajasthan. Nights are... more »

Rajasthan in January

Rajasthan During January Rajasthan adds the colour of warmth in the winter season by attracting tourist from all over the world. January month day temperature is just more than pleasant for tourists to enjoy Rajasthani... more »

Rajasthan in December

Rajasthan During December Pleasant Winter weather attracts various local as well as foreign tourists to Rajasthan. During December days are moderately warm while nights are quiet cool here in Rajasthan during December. Fogs can be... more »