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Ajmer - The Holy City

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Ajmer Tourism & Travel Guide

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If Rajasthan is the crown jewel of tourism in India, then Ajmer has to be the blue-hued sapphire in that crown. Once a stronghold of Chauhan dynasty under the reign of Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan, the city of Ajmer has a rich history that saw the rise and fall of various dynasties. The town was established by the master Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in the 7th millennium. Once Ajmer was house to many dynasties; Mughals were the most well-known among them. Ajmer is well-known for the Dargah Sharif– Grave of the Sufi St. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. Enveloped by the majestic Aravali hills, Ajmer is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Known for the revered Dargah Sharif (also known as Ajmer Sharif) which is visited by a large number of devotees, the city of Ajmer has many places of interest that take one back in time to relive the regal past of opulence and glory.

City of Ajmer: A Sightseeing Galore

The tourism in Ajmer has been on the rise due to many sightseeing opportunities. The holy Sufi shrine of Dargah Sharif is a venerated place of pilgrimage for people from all faiths. Constructed in 1236 AD, the shrine is dedicated to Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti, a famous Persian Sufi saint.

Once inside the dargah, the smell of flowers and incense sticks takes over and brings upon a sense of spiritual bliss. The beautiful 12th century artificial lake Ana Sagar is another favorite tourist hangout.

Guarding the city of Ajmer standing tall is one of the oldest hill forts in the world – the Taragarh fort which used to be the seat of the Chauhan dynasty.

The revered Ajmer Jain Temple (also known as Soniji Ki Nasiyan) is another must-visit tourist place in Ajmer.

Shah Jahan’s Mosque is the most beautiful of all the structures in the Dargah precinct. It is made of white marble, delicately carved with trellis work.

Ana Sagar is a manmade lake in Ajmer. Daulat Bagh is located next to Ana Sagar and is a nice place to relax. There are marble monuments by the shore and plenty of snack items can be bought from local vendors. Boating facilities are also available at the lake.

Tourist can also visit Emperor Akbar’s royal residence which is now converted to a museum which showcases an excellent collection of Mughal and Rajput armor and some fine sculpture.

Best Time to Visit Ajmer

The best time to visit Ajmer is either in the winter months from November to March or more specifically during the annual Urs of Moinuddin Chisti in May. Thousands from across India arrive at Ajmer on pilgrimage during this auspicious period. In November at the time of the Pushkar Fair is also can enjoy 52 bathing ghats and many temples. Pushkar is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Ajmer. Pushkar is one of the most visited destinations by foreigners in Rajasthan. Tourism in Ajmer is all about various historical monuments and fairs.

Weather in Ajmer

  • Ajmer has a hot semi-arid climate. Its temperature remains normally high over the year. Ajmer got rain over 55 centimeters every year mainly in the Monsoon months, between June and September.
  • Average temperature in the month of summers i.e April to early July is about 30°C and during monsoon, Ajmer got frequent heavy rains and thunderstorms.
  • Winter is quite mild in Ajmer and temperate ranges from 15–18°C with little or no humidity.

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