Rajasthan Travel Guide

Wells and Tanks

Rajasthan is a dry place so the importance and care of a water source is one of the top priority. So in medieval times, there were wells and tanks that take care of the people needs. Since there was water scarcity in Rajasthan, it is obvious that wells and tanks or lakes were decorated ornamentally with superior architecture. They were so much architecture profound that as water table was found very low, step wells, also called ‘boadi’, were manufactured leading to the water table. These step wells are beautiful examples of architecture.

Wells builders dug deep trenches into the earth. Deepness relates to year-round groundwater. After lined the walls of trenches with blocks of stone, without mortar, creation of stairs leading down to the water starts. Stepwells consists of two main architectural parts. First is a vertical shaft, part from where water is drawn. Other parts includes the surrounding inclined subterranean passageways, chambers and steps which provide access to the well.

Chand Baori
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Raniji ki Baori
City : Bundi
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