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Jaipur By Nite – Jaipur’s Cultural Festival

26 Jul - 27 Jul

06:30 PM

City Palace & Hotel Clarks Amer

Cultural Fest

‘Jaipur By Nite’ is a 2 day colourful weekend festival which will be organising to promote Jaipur as the all year destination. This second edition of Jaipur By Nite will showcase Jaipur city at its best like decorated historical monuments, their markets within city walls, entertaining evenings with live music, fashion show, sound and light show, shopping, food and drinks at the City Palace and Hotel Clarks Amer. Diya Kumari, Princess of Jaipur is the Brand Ambassador of Jaipur by Nite.

Rajasthani folk music with many dance forms and traditional, tasty Rajasthani cuisine are another attraction of this festival this year. Anyone who have registration can attend this fest.

Highlights of Jaipur By Nite 2013

  • Dunes of Rajasthan
  • Padanyaas of Bollywood
  • Krishna Beura – Sufi Singer
  • Samandar Khan with Sampravaahi from Rajasthan
  • Shweta Pandit – Bollywood Singer
  • Kamli Sapera
  • Rajasthan Troupes to Perform
  • Lakh Bangle
  • Khushbu of Rajasthan (Rajasthani Food)
  • Puppet Show
  • Magician
  • Parrot card reader
  • Safawala
  • Mehndi
  • Chori Wala
  • Gair Dance
  • Dhol Wale
  • Chari Dance
  • Ghoomar

Jaipur By Nite Schedule Dates: 26 & 27 July 2013

Venues of Jaipur By Nite: City Palace & Hotel Clarks Amer

Jaipur By Nite Schedule

Day 1 – At City Palace 06:30 pm onwards


Sufi Music and dance Rajasthani culture and food, Food Bazar, Handicraft Show, Padanyaas. Kachhi Ghodi, Shekhawati Chang Dhap Troupe, Bhopa Bhopi, Dhol Wale, Lakh bangle, Safa Wala, Parrot Card reader, puppet show, magic show, etc at Mubarak Mahal. Krishna Beura music night. Dance Performances in Sarvatro Bhadra Chowk.

Day 2 – At Hotel Clarks Amer 06:30 pm onwards


Samandar Khan performances. Sampravaahi – Manganiar and Jaipur Kathak Gharaana combination. Kalbelia dance. Kamli Sapera & Troupe performance, Palmist, potter, Tattoo artist, caricature artist, etc. Live performance by Shweta Pandit.

Participation/Registration Fee: Rs 2000/- per person per day and Rs 3500/- for two days (inclsive of taxes)

Organisers :

  • Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan
  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
  • Young Indians (Yi)

For Participation/Registration Contact:

Vidur M Patel/ Ashish Modi
Confederation of Indian Industry
(Northern Region) – Sub-Regional Office
D-24, Subhash Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur 302001
Phone: 0141-2370349, 2365844
Fax: 0141-5118389
Email: vidur.patel@cii.in, ashish.modi@cii.in
Website: www.jaipurbynite.com

Vidur M Patel/ Ashish Modi
Confederation of Indian Industry
(Northern Region) - Sub-Regional Office
D-24, Subhash Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur 302001
0141-2370349, 2365844