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One Billion Rising Campaign

10 Dec - 10 Dec

10.30 A:M

Shaheed Smarak

On Human Rights Day, 10th of December, Rajasthan One Billion Rising Campaign will be launch with the purpose to end violence against women from homes, villages, towns, cities, the country and the globe. 

Thousands of activists and women’s groups around the world have struggled to put an end to all forms of violence against women and girls. The United Nations has put out shocking figures stating that 1 in 3 women on the planet is beaten or raped during her lifetime. That is more than one billion women living on the planet today.

In Rajasthan , according to the data released by the National Crime Record Bureau states that:

• 1 crime is committed against women every three minutes which would mean about 480 women are violated on a daily basis. 

• 1 molestation case every 15 minutes, which means 96 cases per day. 

• 1 sexual harassment case every 53 minutes, which means 24 cases per day.

• 1 kidnapping and abduction case every 23 minutes, which means 27 cases per day. 

• 1 rape case every 29 minutes, which means 49 cases per day. 

• 17 women are killed on a daily basis because of dowry. 

Please join in large numbers by sending the NSS students for the launch of One Billion Rising Campaign on 10th December, 2012. 

Campaign Name: One Billion Rising Campaign, Rajasthan

Date: 10th December, 2012

10.30 am to 2.00 pm

Shaheed Smarak, opposite Jaipur Police Commissioner office,
MI Road, Jaipur

Headed By: Dr. Pawan Surana
( Fomer Principal Maharani College and Former Chairperson State Women’s Commission)


Shabnam Aziz: 9414016065

Kanchan Mathur:9414072405

Renuka Pamecha: 9314503785, 0141-2710431

Mamta Jaitly: 9829068744

Kavita Srivastava: 9351562965

Shaheed Smarak Opposite Jaipur Police Commissioner office MI Road Jaipur
Shabnam Aziz: 9414016065
Kanchan Mathur:9414072405