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Sikh Camps – 100 Gurmat Camps in 30 Days

20 Apr - 20 May


Sikh Camps

Several groups are coming together and will start organising many Sikh Camps, well known as 100 Gurmat Camps in 30 Days in Alwar district of Rajasthan from 20 April to 20 May, 2013 .

These Gurmat camps would be organised in all the 30 Gurdwaras of Alwar city and at atleast 70 villages in Alwar districts. This is also a good move in reaching out to the economically backward Sikligar, Mazhbi, Lubana and Rai Sikhs living in villages.

These Sikh Camps also carry out a survey in all the villages side by side and prioritised areas where there will be need to urgently work for the education,empowerment & employment for the needy Sikhs.

Main Highlights of 100 Gurmat Camps in 30 Days

  1. First Grmat camp ever for the Sangat of 90% of the villages
  2. Sikh movie screening for 1.5 lac of population which also includes 20,000 childrens.
  3. Screenings of 4 Sikh Animated & Non-Animated Movies
  4. NaamSimran / Kirtan, Katha
  5. Gatka Performance
  6. Evaluation Tests
  7. Sikh Activity Booklets
  8. Drawing, Coloring& more Competitions for kids
  9. Lectures & PPTs by Eminent Personalities on several issues
  10. Streetplay on Sikh History
  11. Prize Distribution & much more.
  12. Atleast 4 Teams would be active in 4 different villages simultaneously to reach the target of 100 Gurmat camps in 30 days.

Participants in 100 Gurmat Camps in 30 Days

  • Mani Singh Sewa Society,Alwar
  • All Gurdwara.com
  • Young Sikh Leaders
  • United Sewa Society,Jalandhar
  • Sewak Welfare Society
  • Kalgidhar Trust (Baru Sahib)
  • Sarbansdaani Sewa Society
  • Gursikh Education Society
  • Guru Tegh Bahadur Educational & Charitable Trust
  • Sikhs Helping Sikhs
  • Bibek Trust
  • Sikhi Sidak
  • Kirat World
  • Sikh Awakening

Starting Date: 20 April 2013

Ending Date: 20 May 2013

Jagdhar Singh (08604444811)