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Khejarla Tourism and Travel Guide

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Khejarla is a small village located in Bilara Mandal in Jodhpur District of Rajasthan State in Western India. This particular village is 18.3 km far from Bilara which is a Mandal principle town. It is also 65.6 km away from the Jodhpur district headquarter. It is nearly 222 km far from the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. This village is known for its Khejarla Fort located in a hilltop. This magnificent fort attracts the native and foreign tourists to this place.

This 400-year-old fort still stands strong in the Thar Desert welcoming the guests and native and foreign tourist to witness its heritage and royal legacy. The village atmosphere is really silent and pleasant as it is away from the busy city.

The people of this region still wear traditional dresses and follow the age-old Rajasthani culture of the Rajputanas days. This particular Fort and its rural setting is a wonder to personally experience with family members and friends.

Best time to visit Khejarla

Khejarla can be visited by native and foreign tourists throughout the year. But the peak period of visit happens in the month of March and April because the climate in this region is very pleasant and it is the starting period of the onset of the summer season.

It is to be noted that between June to September, this area is blessed with the rainy season. If the tourists are comfortable with the rainy season then these particular months are also a wonderful time to visit this village.

Weather in Khejarla

The climate condition of Khejaral is usually very hot and semi-arid. The rainy season happens from late June to September months. The average rainfall of this region is about 450 millimeters (18 in), this particular figure is extraordinarily variable compared to the rest of Rajasthan regions.

In this region, from March to October the temperatures are very extreme throughout the said period. There is some relief only during the monsoonal period when rainy weather condition brings in thick clouds to lower the temperature slightly.

The high temperatures routinely exceed 40 degrees Celsius during the months of April, May, and June. The average temperatures decrease slightly only during the monsoon season in this region. Moreover, the normal discomfort from the heat is felt because of the generally low humidity condition in this region.

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