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Ladnun History

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History of Ladnun

Ladnun dates back from 3000 BC and called as 'Gandhrav Vana' in the Hindu epic 'Mahabharata' where 'Ashram of Acharya Bhardwaj' is believed to be. After 'Mahabharata', Nakul and Sahadev got their control over it. Later captured by Chandel Panwar, a descendent of Shishupal. He built a fort, palace, and step-well in Ladnun and the city also be called Chanderi. Later in 270 BC, Maurya king Ashoka built a Budha Matha near the fort and in 232 BC his grandson Samprati built a Jain temple in Ladnun.

After Chanderi’s, Bagti Rajput came to attack but in 574 AD Chauhan king Rana Mohali captured Chanderi. In 895 AD Pandit Lado ji Pareek’s daughter Lada was sacrificed on foundation stone since it was known by the name of Ladnun.

Rajasthan History

Rajasthan History

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