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Nagaur Tourism and Travel Guide

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Nagaur is an ancient city in Nagaur district, Rajasthan. The Nagaur city lies about midway between Jodhpur and Bikaner. The town was originally founded by a group of people called the Naga Kshatriyas. The place is also called as Khatwan. Nagaur is famous for its cattle fair. It is all about trading of the animals here. People from all nearby districts come here to feed their cattle and have the fair of cattle here. All over 70000 horses, bullocks and camels are fed here every year in the fair. The cattle are dressed beautifully by their owner having the look of truly turbans having long moustaches. All this is the beauty of India. If we talk about any place of the India, firstly the honors is given to our country India and the people of India. The people of India feel proud in themselves to be the part of it having such good tradition and cultures showing the respect to the elders and the others.

Nagaur is famous for the red chilly market, which is a famous occupation of the people. They export the red chilly and the powder throughout the country. Various other activities are also included in the fair like sports and games that make the people attractive and entertainment of people.

This happens in the month of January and February of every year. The people appear here in large numbers giving rise to the crowd here.
The folk music of Rajasthan and the Rajasthani dance with beautiful dresses is good entertainment for the tourist who comes here.

It is the place which is following the tradition for very long. Today also you can see the tradition here living a beautiful life here. Just only doing business is not entertainment by itself, you can get various other opportunities as well here in order to fulfill your dreams soon.

Best time to visit Nagaur

The best time to visit Nagaur is November to February. Summers are dry and harsh whereas monsoon is humid and little rain. Winter is cold and temperature dips at night.

Weather of Nagaur

Winter is cold with temperature ranges from 5°C to 28°C.
Summer of Nagaur is same as of Rjasthan other parts, its hot and uncomfortable with temperature ranges 24 °C to 44 °C .
Monsoons is humid and atmosphere has upto 50% humidity.

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