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Places To See In Phalodi

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Lal Niwas - Red sandstone haveli constructed in 1750 was the residential palace earlier. Now converted to a hotel, Lal Niwas has marvelous interiors and artifacts. Lal Niwas also has a heritage museum inside it, 'Dadha Heritage Museum' which has 750 manuscripts, 2000 books in different languages and other wide collections.

Phalodi Fort – Constructed in 1488 AD by Rao Hammir Narawat, Phalodi fort is known for its unique architectural style. Located in the Khadi Bhawan Rd, many tourist came to visit it.


Kheechan Bird Sanctuary- Kheechan Bird Sanctuary is a popular worldwide as the Demoiselle Crane village. This natural sanctuary serves as home to three types of birds called Kurjan, Karkara and kunch that migrate from southwest Europe, Black Sea region, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, North, and South Africa and Mongolia.

Kheechan Bird Sanctuary

Kheechan Bird Sanctuary

Kheechan Bird Sanctuary by spmehra

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