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Pokhran Fort

Pokhran - India's Nuclear Test Site

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Pokhran Tourism and Travel Guide

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Pokhran is a municipality, located the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. Pokhran is a city usually divided in just by name as pokhran-Iand Pokhran-II where the latter is refers to check explosions of 5 nuclear devices along with 3 simultaneously and 2 within two days in 1998, conducted by Asian nation at the Pokhran range. Pokhran II is well known by these nuclear tests which resulted in an exceedingly style of sanctions against Asian nation by variety of major states.

Best Time To Visit Pokhran

The best time to visit pokhran is during the winters. During this season the temperature remains moderate and makes it favorable for a visit.

Climatic Condition Of Pokhran

Pokhran experiences a climate that is similar to the other part of Rajasthan. The three main seasons are those of summer, winter and monsoon. Summers prevails during the month of April- June and are very hot and hot air(loo) blows, temperature rises upto 46°C. Traveling to Pokran during summer is a bad idea. The monsoon season brings along less than adequate rainfall through the South West monsoon. The monsoon months in Pokran are the months of July, August and September. Winters are quiet cold and remains moderate temperature during the day time. The Temperature goes down to a minimum of 1°C during winter.

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