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Samode History

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History of Samode

Samode was considered as a rich town even after under Zamindars of Thakurs of Amber. Samode town was passed to Gopal Singhji, one of 12 sons of Maharaja Rajveer Singhji, the 17th prince of the house of  Kacchwaha Rajputs. Behari Das who was a Rajput warrior and under service of the Mughals got the Zamindari of Samode. He was from the Nathawat clan and even after British raj Samode was under Nathawat clan and conferred by title 'Rawal Saheb' or 'Maha Rawal' for their loyalty in 1757 which continued till date.

Rajasthan History

Rajasthan History

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