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Places To See In Sojat

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Majestic Forts- Sojat, popularly known for 'Henna' or Mehendi productions has beautiful Forts, which were built centuries ago by then kings still an attraction in Sojat city. The beautiful fusion of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture can be seen in these forts, which attracts numbers of tourists to this place.

Havellis– The Havelis of Sojat built by kings of those days are perfect examples of olden architecture. These Havelis, used as the residential place by the Royal families are still very attractive to tourists. Visitors visiting Sojat must see this majestic architecture of the olden days.

Carved Temples– There are many temples situated here of all god and goddess showing the sign of the people that they are highly indulged in the activities of praying god.

Rajasthan History

Rajasthan History

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