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Virat nagar or the very recent Bairat, is one of the northern most town of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Located amid the Delhi - Alwar highway, the town is situated 52 km from Jaipur. The town has great historical importance, as it was the capital of one of the most ancient Mahajanapadas, the kingdom of Matsaya. However in 5th century BC the Matsaya kingdom was overthrown by the Chedi kingdom, and later it became a part of the Mauryan Empire. The place also finds its reference in Mahabharata, as it was this place where the pandavas spent their thirteen years of exile in disguise, popularly known as Agyatwas.

The city Virat nagar is said to have derived its name from king Virat, the founder of the Virat Nagar Empire. Upholding great historical significance the city also is an important tourist destination as it is situated in the vicinity of the Alwar – Jaipur highway, thus also amid many renowned tourist destination points.

Best Time To Visit Virat Nagar

The best time to visit Virat Nagar is between October and March when the weather is pleasant. During this time the temperature remains moderate during the day while quiet cool in the nights.

Weather in Virat Nagar

The summers in Virat Nagar are quiet hot and temperature rises upto 46-47 degree centigrade at peak time during the month of May-June. Winters are moderately cool during December-January lowering the mercury to 4-5 degree centigrade occasionally. Average rainfall of 300mm can be seen in the district during the months of July-October.

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