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Tribes of Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is a princely state and has many tribes such as Bhils and Minas. These are the tribes which have dominated in major parts of Rajasthan apart from small tribes existed in the state. Like the other tribes of India, each of the Rajasthan tribes known to have different costumes, jewelry, fairs, and festivals.

List of Tribes of Rajasthan


Sahariyas is one of the most backward Rajasthani tribe. Sahariyas people inhabits mainly in Jungle. They are also noted to be Bhils. Southeastern Rajasthan in Dungarpur, Kota and Swaimadhopur are some places where Sahariyas can be found. Sahariyas are mostly farmers, fisherman, and hunters.


Minas is the second biggest tribe in Rajasthan. Mina’s tribesmen and women generally possess a good physic with an athletic body built, big eyes and sharp features. They are known to be the inhabitants of Indus Valley Civilization. There broad lips and a wheatish complexion. Eastern part of the state in Shekhawati belt of Rajasthan is the main area where Minas are in populous condition. Minas was the tribe which duly performed child marriages for many years.


Bhils are the biggest tribe in Rajasthan. Banswara is the main area where Bhils in large numbers. Previously Bhils main occupation was to collect the food. Famous epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata depicted that Bhils were famous for their skills in arching. From collecting food, they started farming for their livelihood. Baneshwar fair in January and February is the best place to know more about Bhil tribe.

Gadiya Lohars

Gadiya Lohars are known to be a small Rajput Rajasthan tribe. Gadiya Lohars were the blacksmiths in the army of Maharana Pratap of Mewar. After Mughals attack they migrated and traveled from one place to another place on bullock carts named as “gadis”, hence the name ‘Gadiya Lohar’. Gadhiya lohars are found are Kathodi and Rabaris in Mewar region. 


Garasias are another small Rajput Rajasthan tribe residing in Mount Abu Road area of Udaipur District in Damors of Dungarpur in southern Rajasthan.

There are other Rajasthan tribes also, which include Kathodi (found in Mewar region),Sansi  and Kanjar.

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I think there are many more tribes than mentioned above …like banjaras,raika etc

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Nice expressions of nomadic tribed of Rajasthan

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where I can find any tribe near to Jaipur, or between the distance from Jaipur to Amritsar

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Tawri cast has a largest papulation in pakistan punjab and sindh , in indian rajistan , in Indonesian province Malko , in aljeria . and mrakish ..USA Uk …but not mention of it in history . Surname of Tawri cast. In pakistan which are used as Tauri , Taori , Tanwri , Tori etc in the land record of revenue of pakistan Tawri cast is a jatt Tawri .. Plz add overall history of Tawri cast .plz add history of Tawri cast .

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In this massage you’re not maintion rabari cast second name is dawasi please tell about that cast