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Agra – Golden Triangle Guide

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Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, city of Agra is an epitome of elegance and opulence that once prevailed in the region during the Mughal era. Home to some of the most impressive monuments in India, Agra is one the most visited tourist destination India and holds a special place in the heart of tourists, especially foreigners. It is also one of the three cities of ‘The Golden Triangle’, India’s most popular travel itinerary. The presence of Taj Mahal – a shining symbol of India’s rich cultural history – is a prime reason for the increase in tourism in Agra, along with other splendid examples of Mughal architecture in India.

History of Agra

Since the Mughal conquest of India until its subsequent decline, Agra has remained the glittering crown capital for Mughal rulers since Babur, the founder of Mughal Empire in India. The glorious days for the city of Agra came under the reign of Humayun’s son Akbar the Great when he commissioned the construction of the majestic Agra Fort in 1565. The Mughal dynasty’s architectural legacy continued for over a century with successive emperor’s adding to the Agra’s rich and regal potpourri of palaces, forts, mausoleums and monuments.

Agra – The City of Taj

Aptly nicknamed City of Taj, one of the crown jewel of tourism in Agra is the world-renowned Taj Mahal which was commissioned by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1632. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the white-marbled mausoleum Taj Mahal attracts millions of tourists every year who visits Agra just to get the glimpse of one of the wonders of the world.

While the Mughal rulers strained their treasury by lavishly spending on erecting monuments and forts, much of it has been retained by the city Agra along with its opulent charm that is visible even today. The city’s connectivity with major cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Mathura and Gwalior makes it easier for tourists to get the best of Golden Triangle tourism circuit.

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