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Rajasthan in April

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Rajasthan During April

Rajasthan remains calm during April month as most of its parts receives hot wave. April month in Rajasthan receives very less tourists as it marks the starting of summer season and daily temperature is on rise. Light cotton clothes which cover total body or/and an umbrella is recommend for all visitors of Rajasthan during April.

Climate (Weather) of Rajasthan in April

Avg Rainfall during April: 11mm
Avg Maximum Temperature in April: 41ºC
Avg Minimum Temperature in April: 33ºC
Avg Humidity in April: 25%

Activities in Rajasthan during April

Sightseeing and exploring different places of Rajasthan state in April is not a good option but some some famous fairs and festivals like Mahavirji Fair, Mewar Festival, Gangaur Festival, Kailadevi Fair, Sheetala Mata Fair attracts some Rajasthan lovers despite scorching heat. These fairs are subject to change in dates (Hindu calender) and could fall in the month of March as well.

Visitors can also enjoy Golf at the Rambagh Palace or Watersports at different lakes in Rajasthan adding to travelling to Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan.

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