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Rajasthan in August

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Rajasthan During August

August is the month when rainfall can be seen in the thirsty land of Rajasthan. Monsoon arrives and reliefs the state from the adverse hot summer during August. A greenish surrounding can see all around making it favourable for nature loving tourist to visit the princely state during monsoon. The temperature during these days will be warm but not hot and humid if it rains. Hygenic food and water should be preferred to prevent different water diseases here in Rajasthan during August. Carry an umbrella or raincoat for a more enjoyable and safe trip to Rajasthan.

Climate (Weather) of Rajasthan in August

Avg Rainfall during August: 80mm
Avg Maximum Temperature in August: 36ºC
Avg Minimum Temperature in August: 25ºC
Avg Humidity in August: 65%

Activities in Rajasthan during August

Favourable rainfall in Rajasthan during August attracts many wildlife lover tourists. Kajli Teej Festival is celebrated every year in Bundi during Bhadra-k (2-3) tithi, according to hindi calender. All the Lakes of Rajasthan are a beauty to watch during monsoon. Tourists can enjoy boating while their stay in Rajasthan

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