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Shopping Places in Ajmer

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Ajmer is a silent and a pious place and a popular place for pilgrimage. The city is known for the ancient shrine of the Saint of Ajmer Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti and also for many other places which are nice places of interest in the city. The Ajmer city is also known for being one of the best tourist places in Rajasthan to shop and there are many shopping places in Ajmer which are known for their ethnicity and its charm.

The local markets in Ajmer  are incredibly popular amongst the tourists and the travelers love to visit here and buy the things that are charming and extremely beautiful as they are the mark of the local craftsmanship and the culture of Rajasthan which is really vibrant.

The Ajmer markets are famous for their souvenirs and items but also for the local food delicacies that they offer such as Tikki chaat, kulfi faluda, and these foods make the shopping more fun and complete too.

Things to Buy in Ajmer

Ajmer is indeed a great shopping destination and there are many markets in Ajmer which are best known for selling some very exquisite souvenirs that will embrace the memories of visiting Ajmer and you will have some nice memories with it.

These markets are Ajmer attraction. Shopping in Ajmer, India will consist of some nice bangles, embroidered appraels, women clothing, mojaris or juttis, lac ornaments, silver ornaments, bags and many others.

Markets in Ajmer City

Dargah Bazar

This market is located near the shrine of the Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti and that is why it is named as Dargah Bazar. The Ajmer Dargah bazar is especially attended to all the needs of the pilgrims with the stuff that are needed for the visit of the tomb of the saint and they are chaddars made of flowers and different cloth materials, flowers, garlands, and many other sweet kinds of stuff and incense sticks.

But the other shops also sell goods that are related to the local craftsmen and tie and dye, embroidered jootis, and other beautiful souvenirs.

Mahila Mandi

This market is especially dedicated to women and majorly the shops are elegant and vibrant. The Ajmer, Rajasthan market Mahila Mandi is loved by the women who are shopaholics and the place is just apt for them.

If you are an expert bargainer then the place is just an absolute one. The people can buy for embroidered clothes among which the dupattas, lehengas, bangles, shoes, potteries, lac jewelry and many more.

Nala Bazaar

This is also one of the best shopping places in Ajmer city where you can have the best opportunities for shopping and the place is literally known as a cloth market and one can get the best of the cloths and the best of the fashion items to the best of the ethnic wears from this market.

People can get fine ornaments to some of the best collection and it is a shopper’s heaven.

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