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Banswara History

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History of Banswara

Banswara city and its district formed by the merger of Banswara state and Kushalgarh chieftainship in Greater Rajasthan in 1949. Banswara was the place where hundred of Bhils were shot during a revolt by Bhil tribals. That revolt was led by the social reformer Govindgiri in the year 1913.

But revolt turned to a massacre, also called “Mini Jallianwala Bagh Kand” as it took place at Mangarh hillock where Bhils holding a peaceful meeting. Now the place of Massacre named the Mangarh Dham. Banswara also has another story about its name. There are lots of bamboos known as ‘bans’ that grows in the forest of Banswara .So it named as Banswara.

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