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Bassi Tourism and Travel Guide

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Bassi is a small village situated in the route to Bundi in Rajasthan state. Bassi is famous tourist site known for royal and majestic forts. Its beautiful peaceful and calm environment provides a relaxing moment to enjoy. Bassi has a 16th century Bassi Fort. Tourists can enjoy Bassi Fort by staying in it. Bassi has two large water reservoirs. Bassi Dam and Orai Dam are other major attractions as tourists can enjoy various water sports like angling, boating, and bird watching here. Sculptures and woodcraft of Bassi are very much popular among tourists.

Bassi is very frequently visited by nature and wildlife lovers and photographers. Being a natural habitat many uncommon species of animals and birds, Bassi has long queue of its lovers and photographers.

Other attractions of Bassi include temples, step well cenotaphs, the exquisite sculptures and famous work of shoemaking, potters and handmade Bidi (local Cigarettes).

Brightly painted wooden carvings known as Kavads are a fabulous one to see and shop, made by local artisans.

Best time to visit Bassi

Bassi is hot during summers and has enjoyable winters and monsoon. So best time to visit Bassi is from September to March.

Climate in Bassi

Climate of Bassi is tropical. Bassi has a very hot climate in summers and relative cold in winters. In summers has temperature ranges from 25 ºC to 45 ºC and in winters temperature ranges from 7 ºC to 29 ºC.

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