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Karni Mata Temple in Deshnoke

Deshnoke - Famous for Rat Temple

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Deshnoke Tourism and Travel Guide

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Deshnoke is a small town located in the district of Bikaner in Rajasthan, western India. It is also located near the Pakistan border. It is nearly 30 km from the city of Bikaner. This particular town is popular in the tourism map of Rajasthan because the which is nearly 600 years old and where rats are worship is located here. For the past six centuries, the royal family members, the common men of Bikaner and people from other parts of Rajasthan and the rest of India have been worshipping the goddess Karni Mata according to Hindu tradition and culture.

Best Time to Visit Deshnoke

The native and foreign tourist can visit Deshnoke throughout the year. Most of the tourist and devotees prefer to visit this place between Octobers to March which is the best months for travelling across this dessert region. It is to be highly remembered that between June to September, Deshnoke receives rain. You can carry home good memorize back home, if you are rain lover then there wouldn’t be no issues regarding the trip.

Weather Condition of Deshnoke

The climatic condition of Deshnoke is a dry climate with a hot long summer. Deshnoke faces sunny temperature ranging between high 35 °C and low 23 °C throughout the year. During the summer season, sand storms are common in this region. The winds speed is NW 11-15 km/h. The uniqueness of Deshnoke’s climate is that there are much highly variable rainfall, extreme dryness and large variations of temperature throughout the year.

From mid November till the starting of March, this region’s winter season extends. The city’s lowest temperature is 23.5°C. The mercury in the barometer starts rising very intensely during March till June end. Mid March to June end is the hottest months in this region. Deshnoke’s maximum recorded temperature is 47 °C and the lowest temperature in certain pocket region comes down to 0°C according to the weather department.

The Humidity of this region ranges from 30 to 35 % with a dew point of 10° to 15°. During the rainy season the village gets scattered showers. From July to mid September is the rainy season. The chance of precipitation may be 30% to 40%. The average humidity is 51.5% and the average rainfall is 36.16 cm. It is to be noted that this region of Rajasthan receives the shortest rainy season.

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