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Karauli Tourism and Travel Guide

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Karauli city is one of the major tourist destination Karauli district of the state of Rajasthan in western India. There are four major Hindu temples in this district. They are Mehndipur Balaji temple, Shri Mahavirji, Shri Anjani mata Ji temple, Kailadevi temple, and Madan Mohanji temple. There are also Forts which are very famous. They are Timangarh Fort, Mandrayal Fort and Rawal mahal.

Karauli – Holy City

Karauli is one of the holiest city of India as there are more than 300 temples. According to the Ancient history, region of Karauli was under Matsya Kingdom before 11th century.

It is to be highly noted that Raja Bijai Pal a Jadon Rajput founded the modern princely state Karauli in 995. The local legends and Hindu scholars believe that he was the 88th in descent of Lord Krishna.

On the other hand, historians and scholars cite that it was Maharaja Arjun Dev Yadav who founded the princely state of Karauli in 1348.

It is to be remembered that till 19th century, Karauli was an independent principality. In 1818, this region came under the direct rule of the Rajputana Agency.

Best time to visit Karauli

It is to be highly noted that the native and foreign tourist can visit this district between March and April when the annual fair is conducted in Kaila Devi temple.

During the rest of the year also is the best time to visit this particular district. It is to be remembered that between June to September, this region faces rainy season.

If you are comfortable with rainy season then these months are also a pleasant months to visit this particular district.

Weather in Karauli

The climatic condition of Karauli district is throughout the year sunny temperature ranging between high 35 °C and low 23 °C. The Humidity of this region ranges from 31 to 35 % with a dew point of 11° to 15°.

The winds speed is NW 11-15 km/h. The chance of precipitation may be 30% to 40%. During the rainy season the village gets scattered showers. This region is termed to be dry climate area of subtropical region.

There is also distinct winter and long summer season. The recorded Highest Temperature is 49.0C during May-June and Lowest Temperature is 20.0 C during January.

The average rainfall recorded in this district is 880mm. The monsoon season falls in July to September.

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