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Kishangarh, Rajasthan

Kishangarh, Rajasthan by rachel dale

Kishangarh Tourism and Travel Guide

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Kishangarh is a town in Ajmer region in the Native Indian condition of Rajasthan. It can be found 18 kilometers north-west of Ajmer. It is well-linked via Native Indian Railways and Nationwide Road #8. It is the homeland of the Kishangarh design of artwork, which is known for the wonderful interpretation of a courtesan known as Bani Thani. Nowadays, Kishangarh has come to be known as the stone town of Indian. It is supposed to be the only globe with a forehead of nine planets. The most popular Kishangarh artwork is known as Bani Thani. The Native Indian govt has etched it on one of its mailing postage stamps. The Bani Thani design of artwork got its name from a tale with a perspective of the relationship to it.

Best time to visit Kishangarh

The best time to visit the village of Kishangarh is during the month of October to March as this place is known for celebrating festivals like Holi (February / March), Deepavali (October) and Vinayak Chaturthi (September) with great enthusiasm.

Weather of Kishangarh

Kishangarh has tropical climate during summers months most probably march to May and temperature ranges between 27°C to 38°C. Winters are slight cold here with respect to other parts of Rajasthan and temperature ranges from 6°C to 23°C. Monsoon is humid and have non steady rainfall.

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