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Shopping In Nathdwara

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Nathdwara Shopping

Shopping in Nathdwara would be a delightful experience to all. Nathdwara is well known for its Pichhavi paintings, which illustrate Nathji in different attires and moods. These intricate artworks on paper and clothes can be an ideal gift to your near and dear ones. Apart from this Nathdwara is also known for its traditional terracotta handworks. This ethnic artwork is being practiced for near about 2000 years, which depicts local deities and various Gods. The Meena Work of Nathdwara is a worthy treasure and is a must buy a thing.

Some of the other things that you can shop in Nathdwara are attars or perfumes, wooden crafts, silver craft, and pottery. Nicely made silver ornaments and silver curios at an affordable price are other things that Nathdwara offers to its visitors.

Things To buy In Nathdwara

Pichai paintings, handicrafts, terracotta handworks, pottery, jewelry, wooden toys, puppets, antique items, and paintings. are some of the common items to buy in Nathdwara.

Rajasthan Shopping

Rajasthan Shopping

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