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Surajgarh Tourism

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Surajgarh Tourism and Travel Guide

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Surajgarh, this town is in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan derives its name from the fortified Palace which was built around the eighteenth century. This place got its name from this palace. And the literal means of this place- the castle of the Sun. It is an ancient beautiful town. The township of Surajgarh came up with the construction of the Surajgarh fort.

It’s a place of elegance, majesty, royalty, and has a historical background. Surajgarh, this place considered being the place of many forts and palaces. This place was established around 1780 by Shekhawat Surajmal. He was the ruler of the Jhunjhunu. And the nearby villages of this town are Jeeni, Farat, Swami Sehi, and Sehi Kalan.

Best Time To Visit Surajgarh

The best time to visit Surajgarh city is from October to March. During this season the temperature remains moderate and provides a favourable whether to visit Surajgarh city.

Weather of Surajgarh

The Climatic condition of Surajgarh is very Harsh and extreme. The summer brings hot waves of air called loo and temperature ranges from 0°C to 50°C. During the months of July and mid September is the monsoon and it experiences a rainfall of around 450 to 600 mm. The climatic conditions of Surajgarh, Rajasthan in the winter season are cooler, but again dry. The average temperature falls in the range of 30° C (max) to 10.5° C (min) and considered to be the best time to visit Surajgarh.

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