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Andeshwar Parshwanath

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Andeshwar Parshwanathji is a famous Jain temple located on a small hill in Kushalgarh tehsil. The temple is home to rare Shilalekhs from the 10th century. The place also houses two Digamabara Jain Parshwanatha temples. The main temple was built by Digambar Jain Panchayat of Kushalgarh. The main idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha is being protected by seven hoods.

It is located about 40 km from Banswara and is a famous Jain Temple. The main attraction of the temple is the idol of Parshwanath Ji which dates back to the 12th or 13th centuries. The black idol of Lord Parshwanath is around 80 cm tall with seven hoods. It is believed to be discovered by tribes of those regions while cultivating the field. Every year on Kartik Purnima i.e. fifteenth lunar day of Hindi month Kartik, a fair is organized which is visited by people from the neighboring towns and villages.



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