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Chand Baori Step Well, Abhaneri

Abhaneri Step Well by Arnie Papp

Tourism in Abhaneri

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Abhaneri is an active and popular village located in Dausa district, Rajasthan state in India. This village is also located on Jaipur-Agra road (NH-11). It is 95 km away from the state capital city, Jaipur. This particular village is popular on the tourism map by the Harshat Mata Temple and Chand Baori step well. It is to be noted that this village is termed as one of the ancient villages in Rajasthan. It was very famous for its early medieval or post-Gupta monuments. To several museums worldwide, this particular village has directly contributed many valuable and traditional sculptures. This village was established between 9th and 10th century. The local dance of this particular region is Bhawai, Kalbelia and Ghoomar.

Abhaneri – Historical City of Brightness

According to the historians and local scholars, the village of Abhaneri was established king Samrat Mihir Bhoj of Gurjar pratihar. He is also addressed as King Raja Chand of Gurjar Kingdom. As per the Rajasthan state government records, in 9th century, this particular village was established. The initial name given to this village was “Abha Nagri” which means the ‘city of brightness’. Later on this village came to be known as Abhaneri. There is a story behind the derivation of this village name. According to the Legends, it was Goddess Harshat Mata who in a good mood spread full brightness over this particular village and hence the name was coined based on it. Regarding the history of Abhaneri, the Rajasthan state government has limited documents.

Best Time to Visit Abhaneri

  • It is to be remembered by the native and foreign tourist that between October to March is the best months to visit the Village of Abhaneri.
  • It is to be noted that between June to September, this region has rain.
  • In case you are comfortable with rainy season then these months are also a decent months to visit this particular village.

Weather Condition of Abhaneri

  • The climatic condition of Abhaneri is throughout the year sunny temperature ranging between high 34 °C and low 22 °C.
  • The winds speed is NW 10-15 km/h. The Humidity of this region ranges from 30 to 35 % with a dew point of 10° to 15°.
  • During the rainy season the village gets scattered showers. The chance of precipitation may be 30% to 40%.

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