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Architecturally Stunning Palaces of Rajasthan

When you think of Rajasthan, the first thing that pops-up into your mind is the Majestic palaces, Forts and multiple picturesque locations of Rajasthan, which speak of the Royal Heritage of the Country and its ancient Emperors. Blessed with the classical Rajput and Mughal styles of architectures, the palaces of Rajasthan are stnding evidences of a lifestyle, as grand and as luxurious as anything of the Rajput and Mughal eras.

The palaces of Rajasthan themselves speak of the splendid Legacy they carry. The astonishing designs with best-in-class amenities of life are the first and foremost thing you notice while you explore these palaces. There are numerous palaces in Rajasthan (Place of the Kings), which belong to the different Rajput and Mughal dynasties who erected them and ruled their Kingdoms. If you love exploring the Heritage of the ancient World, Visiting the Palaces of Rajasthan would be the most Royal experience for have ever had.

List of Most Famous Palaces of Rajasthan

Umaid Bhawan Palace , Jodhpur

Photo Credit – Ghirlandajo

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Made of Golden-Yellow sandstones, the Umaid bhawan palace was built between 1928 and 1943 and offers a unique, exotic, traditional, Rajasthani ambience. This 347- Roomed majestic architecture, now divided into three functional parts – a luxury Taj Palace Hotel (since 1972), the residence of the owner’s royal family, and a Museum focusing on the 20th century history of the Jodhpur Royal Family. The Taj Palace Hotel is a marvelous blend of Eastern and Western architectural influences and consists of 64 luxury rooms and suites.

Jag Niwas Lake Palace

Photo Credit – Daniel Mennerich

Lake Palace

Erected above JagNiwas Island in the Pichola Lake, The Lake Palace of Udaipur is stunning palace architecture with 83 rooms and suites. The marble walls just add to the charm of this place. The palace was constructed in the 17th century as a summer palace to the royal dynasty of Mewar and faces the East, so as to allow its inhabitants to worship the Hindu God SUN in the very morning. Currently, the palace operates as a luxury hotel under the Taj Group of Hotels and the Royal Butlers working here are the descendants of the original palace retainers.

Rambagh Palace

Photo Credit – Garrett Ziegler

Rambagh Palace

Formerly, having served as a modest royal hunting lodge and as the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur and now a luxury hotel under the Taj Group of Hotels, Rambagh Palace of jaipur is is like a jewel in the beauty of the royal Heritage of Rajasthan. This wonder palace of Jaipur consists of a number of royal suites and 47 Acres of lush green gardens. The Rambagh Palace looks nothing less than a shining kingdom, when illuminated in night.

Lalgarh Palace

Photo Credit – Daniel Mennerich

Lalgarh Palace

The Lalgarh palace is designed and built in accordance with the Rajput, Mughal and European architectural styles. The complex of the palace was designed by the British architect Samuel Swinton Jacob and the overall cost of the development of this palace was estimated to be Rs. 100,000 initially, but the use of finest materials and best in class amenities for living in the palace made it to cost Rs. 200,000 ultimately. The red-sandstone quarried from the Thar Desert was used to paint this 3-storey architecture. The complex features some magnificent pillars, state-of-art swimming pool, classical interior fabric and an innovative filigree work.

Shiv Niwas palace

Photo Credit- hrhhotels.com

Shiv Niwas palace

The Shiv Niwas palace itself is located within the complex of the City palace of Udaipur and it served as a royal guesthouse of the Mewar dynasty. In 1982, like Lake Palace, the Shiv Niwas palace was also converted in to a heritage hotel. This magnificent palace is centered with a beautiful white marble pool with 3-storeyed semi circular arc like floors all around it. This palace now runs under the HRH group of hotels (itself owned by the current Maharaja) and has played host to Queen Elizabeth II, King of Nepal, Shah of Iran and many other dignitaries. Live the royalty of the Mewar Kings while you stay at this luxurious Heritage hotel in Udaipur.

Samode Palace , Rajasthan

Photo Credit – Philip Weiss

Samode Palace

Also known as Samode Haveli, this majestic mansion in Jaipur was erected 150 years ago by then Prime minister of Jaipur court, Rawal Sheo Singhji, who belonged to the Samode community of Rajputs. With its beautiful lush gardens, charming interiors and beautiful terraces, the Samode Haveli is truly a royal place to be at. Since it was built North faced, the Haveli remains cool even in the beating heat of Rajasthan, which is nothing less than an engineering masterpiece of that time. Operating as a luxury hotel since 1988, this place welcomes you gracefully with its fantastic elephant ramp right at the entrance, royal paintings and antique furniture that you can resist appreciating.

City Palace Udaipur

Photo Credit – Peter Barker

City Palace

Built in a flamboyant style on a hill top that produces the panoramic view of the Udaipur city and its surroundings is this 400 year old majestic architecture, which is considered as the largest royal complex in Rajasthan. In 1974, the ‘Zenana Mahal’ (Ladies Chamber) were converted into a museum which displays exhibits of a freaky monkey holding a lamp and also portraits of maharajas displaying a spectacular array of mustaches.. The city palace of Udaipur now runs under the Mewar Trust which generates income from tourism and heritage hotels. There is a triple arched gate to the palace, with 8 marble arches. It is said that the Maharanas used to be weighed here with gold and silver which was then distributed among the locals.

Palaces of Rajasthan

Palaces of Rajasthan

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