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10 Unique Things To Be Enjoyed Individually in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state of wonders and this place offers you with unlimited ways of amusement. Rajasthan has an impression of a land of palaces, forts and dancing ladies, but this state has many other things beyond these gifted places of interest and there are many faces of Rajasthan which will not only  amaze  you but it can give you an impeccable experience of the land. The land has many wonderful sites in all its areas including the small district and even villages where you get to see many eccentric things which are different and found in nowhere else in the world. Rajasthan is a wonderful place to be and to discover many beautiful things which are unusual and one can get a wide land to discover these things.

It is not only because the state belonged to the royals and the culture of the state flashes the glimpses of those royalties at every stage, but the people of this state are very religious and they believe in many things and happening which are traditionally related to faith and they stand still high till date.

Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan

1. Encounter the Hidden Ghosts and their Stories

Rajasthan is a land which has the highest number of places that are related with ghost stories and mysterious incidents. Right from the stories of the famous Bhangarh Fort to the abandoned Kuldhara village, there are a number of places which are famous for their haunting fables and mysterious incidents. And these are the reasons which make them more attractive and draw large number of people o visit them to find the truth. Every single person who visits these places does not forget to discuss their stories ever and ever. So be it the story of the princess and the magician tale of Bhangarh Palace or the abandoned village of Kuldhara which got emptied with people just in a single night, and they are truly scary and can fright people if you go to the time.

The Bhangarh Palace is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India and there is a prohibition notice of not entering the fort before sunrise and after sunset, because of some very peculiar happenings inside the fort including scary screams, weird smells and abnormal sounds. Talking about the Brijraj Bhawan which is a hotel and there is a part of the hotel which is haunted and related to a British’s haunting spirit and the Jagatpura is also one such place which is known for its roaming witches and white images.

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Rajasthan

2. Flying High with a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride could be one of the most adventurous activities one can experience in Rajasthan, and these rides are not restricted to one city but there are more than one city where tourists can enjoy hot balloon rides to watch the beauty of this state. Starting from the capital city of Jaipur which is the hub of the balloon rides can be the best destination for the flyers. The experiences are beyond words and the people, who fly high only, can have the spell binding experience of watching the city from the sky. Post Jaipur one can also get good options of balloon rides in the city of Udaipur and the people can get a flying tri of near about 45 minutes on the high balloon rides to explore the lakes and the palaces.

Hot balloon rides are not only restricted to these cities but also available in the beautiful religious city of Pushkar where you can fly over the holy Puskar Lake and the number of temples. This could be one of the best trips for the honeymoon couples who are in Rajasthan for their romantic holidays and they should not miss the high flying trips.

3. Dig into the Relishing Lal Maas

Laal maas is a royal treat that you can enjoy in the state of Rajasthan. You can have it in the other places of India, but the state which is the native land of Lal Maas should not be left. This traditional recipe has come from the Royal kitchens of the state and made with red hot chillies in a sumptuous gravy made with local spices and can be enjoyed with naan or missi rotis.

There are some very lavish places in the various cities of the state where you can enjoy this delicacy, and the dish is especially made with desi ghee that add more richness to it, which can add more fullness to your food experience in Rajasthan. Lal Maas could be one of the best choices from the food for non-veg lovers in Rajasthan and it is included in every rich meal or dining in the state. The menu is really what you will looking after a tiring tor of any of the city which will add more fuel to your energy and the spicy taste will awaken all your senses.

Thar Desert Safari

4. Spending a Night on the Golden Sands

Spending a night under the stars and on the golden sands of the Thar Desert will be really a recalling experience for all your life. You can opt for the many night safari camps where you can go for camping and overnight fun. The most favorable spot for a night desert safari is Jaisalmer; and no people should leave any opportunity to spend a night of the sand dunes. It is no less than any adventure and certainly full of fun and entertainment. Your night stay will be full of exotic dinner and the various tourists’ service providers arrange for folk dance and music and they can match up with bonfire and the best luxury camp stays.

There are many kinds of desert safari camps you can choose from the various service providers and they are available according to your budget. Your night stay will be accompanied with special guides and if you want then you can also have a camel safari on the sands before or after the night stay.

Devigarh Palace in Udaipur

5. Staying Under a Royal Roof

It is known that Rajasthan is a land of royals and thus it is pretty sure that the state is full of palaces and royal architectures, but there are many palaces which are maintained by the state government and some of them are preserved Archaeological Survey of India, but there are many royal palaces which have turned in to heritage hotels.  And these hotels will leave no space to make you feel like a king or a queen with their service and hospitality.

In the royal cities of Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer there are many such hotels which are provided with supreme luxury and abundance. There are many royal palace that have turned in to heritage hotels also have separate rooms that contain the belonging s of the kings and the queens to show their lifestyle and the way of living, so you should get a chance to experience such lavish lifestyle. These heritage hotels will serve you with the best food and also the options of safaris too.

Bullet Baba

6. Visiting Unusual Shrine of Bullet Baba

Rajasthan is a state which is full of eccentric places and stories and the same thing goes on with the Om Baba Temple which is also named as “Bullet baba Temple” and the main deity of this temple is a Bullet Bike. This sounds really interesting as well as weird and this is located in the Pali district of the city of Jodhpur. The temple is located on the Pali-Jodhpur highway and there is a belief that if they worship the temple then they will have a safe journey.

There is a reason behind this belief is the mortal accident of “Om Banna” named for Om Prakash Rathod who had a fatal journey riding on this road when his motorcycle hit a tree. After the accident whenever the local police tried to get the bike in the station, but it automatically moved to the ditch where it fallen, even after tying it with the iron shackles it moved back to the accident area. Thus believing the power of the spirit of OM Banna making the people believing that his spirit helps the distressed travellers the temple became so famous.

7. Explore The Walking Tigers in the Various Sanctuaries and Wildlife Homes

Rajasthan could be one of the best places to explore the flora and fauna of the sands as well as of India. There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries and National Park is this state located in its various cities can give your good glimpses of birds, mammals and reptiles. Some of the popular places to explore tigers are Sariska National Park in Alwar where leopards and tigers can be seen and many other wildlife sanctuaries such as Ranthambore National Park is one of the most popular ones where one can explore the wild cats.

The national park is located in the district of Sawai Madhopur and counted under the best places for exploring tigers. Moreover if you are in love of bird watching then the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary and Desert National Park are the best ones to explore the beautiful birds such as the great Indian Bustard. One can also get some very good sights of the wild animals in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary too.

8. Travel Around The Gigantic Kumbhalgarh Fort

This is the second largest hills forts of Rajasthan and the specialty of this fort is that it is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap who is the epitome of Rajputana bravery and patriotism. The fort has faced many attacks during the war and of the invaders, but the fort never lost any battle and it stands still with proud and valour. The place has seven huge entrance gates, and a 38 km long wall and it stand amidst the high Aravalli Hills.

There are more than 360 temples are found inside the walls fort and presents the best picture of the Rajput culture and it has been stated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Located on a hill top of the hillocks of the Aravall is it has the longest wall that measures 36 kilometres, so you should give it a miss.

Hotel Kuchaman Haveli Jodhpur

9. Visit The Kuchaman Fort

This Kuchaman fort is not very popular among the Rajasthan forts but it is one of the popular place for the Indian movies for their shooting. As there are many popular Bollywood films have been shot here and the fort has been converted in to lavish heritage hotel. The interior design of this fort is really beautiful and presents with some of the best murals and wall paintings. The fort can be one of the best trips you can have in Rajasthan. This Kuchaman fort is also related to the Hindu poet and follower of Lord Krishna and the fort is especially known for its glass interior works which is worth praising.

10. The Great Temples of Osiyan is a Must Visit

The Osiyan Temples of Rajasthan are certainly something to look for and the temples are located in the beautiful city of Jodhpur. The temples are not only known for their decorative architecture but a retreat in the heat of the Thar Desert, and have been called as the "Khajuraho of Rajasthan" for its beautiful architecture. The Osiyan temples are believed to be the epitome of the Jain religion and the temples are also considered as one of the important places for Jain Pilgrimage.Osian is a famous town of Rajasthan as it is the home to the collection of ruined Brahmanical and Jain temples that dated back to the 8th to 11th centuries.

The city was an important religious hub of the people of Marwar during the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty. There are 18 shrines in the cluster of the temples dedicated to, Sun Temple and there is a Kali temple, Sachiya Mata Temple but the main temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira which is the main deity that stands in elegance.

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