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People of Rajasthan

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The peoples of Rajasthan are well known for their warm , friendly affable nature. They are known as Rajasthanis. Rajasthan has a total population of about 68 million. 68% of the total population of Rajasthan are literate. The peoples of Rajasthan speak the dilect Rajasthani. The official language of the state is Hindi and is widely practised. Almost every resident of the princely state knows Hindi, the national Language of India. Although Rajasthanis are of several sub ethnic groups, the whole Rajasthani community is known as marwaris (“people from Marwar region of Rajasthan”) throughout the Indian subcontinent. This group, Rajasthani has formed due to the assimilation of Indo-Scythian,Scytho-Dravidian, Indo-Aryan, Indo-Greek, Aryo-Dravidian, Indo-Iranian and Austro-Asiatic ancestries.

Communities in Rajasthan

The important communities of Rajasthan are the Rajputs, Jats, Brahmans and the traders. The Rajputs are the martial race, known for their chivalry and valour. The Brahmans were the priests and teachers while the Mahajans are still the backbone of the village economy. The Jats and the Gujars are the agricultural communities.

Rajasthani mens are tall and handsome and usually sport long, twirled moustaches and often a beard. They wear colourful turbans (worn in different styles, denoting caste and region), often made of the tie-and-dye fabric that is a specialty of the region. while the rajasthani womens wear long, flowing cotton ‘ghagras’ (skirts) made from upto 10 m of cloth in dazzling colours, highlighted by sparkling gold and silver ‘gota’ or ‘zari’ that offset the dull, barren landscape. They keep their faces completely veiled for privacy and also to protect themselves from the scorching sun and sand. They also wear traditional Rajasthani sarees. Rajasthani sarees are also very popular.

In Rajasthan all religion dwells in peace and Harmony. The Rajasthani peoples follow different relions but follows same culture. Even muslims of rajasthan follow the Rajasthani culture, which can be seen only in Rajasthan. There are other relions too like Jain, Sikhs, all show nature of brotherhood and live peacefully in the princely state.

The Rajasthani peoples are nature loving. They also love their culture very much and also have belief on the Almighty God. There are many sacred temples in Rajasthan which date backs to the medival period. They believe that the neglect of worship will lead to disease,failure of crop and other calamities. The Rajasthani people are also very fond of delidious food. Rajasthani cuisines are very delicious and mouth watering. The use of pure ghee provides the food with a delicious smell and taste.

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