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Rajasthan is a cluster of various tribes, castes, religion and sections. All people of Rajasthan community belongs to some religion, caste and sub-castes. Brahmins, Muslim, Bhil, Meena, Rajput, Marwari, Gurjar, Jat, Baniya, Jain, Vaishya, Agarwal and many more castes and sub-castes are in Rajasthan which classifies the people of Rajasthan.

In the rich culture and tradition of Rajasthan, it has been seen in the Rajasthan community marraiges are mostly done in the same castes but with diiferent Gotra. Marraiges in Rajasthan are very much similar to other parts of the country. Slightly difference occurs in the traditions inbetween, due to many castes prevails in Rajasthan.

Wedding Destinations

Rajasthan well known as Romantic land, has perfect mixture of colour and culture, architecture and tradition, heritage and customs. Having a grand royal wedding is everyone dream. Rajasthan get top marks in having elegant and... more »

Marriage Ceremony in Rajasthan

Marriage in Rajasthan is considered as a big ceremony for a bride and groom same as it carved in Hindu and other religions. As traditions and culture in Rajasthan is dedicately followed in Rajasthan, Wedding... more »

Castes in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state in India which is full of historic treasures and culture. Even the changing times doesn't effect much in the society of Rajasthan. People of Rajasthan are lively and a part... more »

What is Marriage?

Marriage Definition In a simple lang, Marriage is the union of spouses with some rights in between them and their families. In an official definition. Marriage is a recognizable union of the spouses with a... more »