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What is Marriage?

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Marriage Definition

In a simple lang, Marriage is the union of spouses with some rights in between them and their families. In an official definition. Marriage is a recognizable union of the spouses with a social or ritual custom or legal contract that establishes rights and morals between spouses, their children and in-laws.

Marriage in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has its rituals and customs for a marriage. Marriage still consider as a unbreakable bond of serving the love for seven births which ronically means always. Bride goes to the groom house or with the groom lefting her maternal home after the marraige.

Rajasthan marraige or wedding is a mirror image of the deep rooted customs and tradition which continues from years. In between age old wedding practices, Rajasthan also black dotted for an evil practice called ‘Child Marriage’. Now it become an offense in the country.

Marriage in Rajasthan involves holy wedding ceremony where many rituals being performed at both the marriage houses. Groom party, locally called baraat goes to the bride’s house and performed the wedding ceremonies like varmala, phere etc.

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