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Most Famous Battles of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is predominantly known for its royal kings and their lifestyles that also can be seen through their gorgeous and stunning architectures all through the state which have been a matter of prestige for the entire country. The state used to be home of almost all of the Chuhan rulers and the prominent Rajput Kings and they were known for their bravery and valor. The Rajput women were also known for their dignified lifestyle and love for their motherland and many times they sacrificed their lives to save their modesty. And these sagas cannot get completed until we know about the fierce battles of the state that captures an important part of the history of India.  It happened many times and with many opponents i.e. Delhi rulers, Mughals and outside invaders but the Rajputs always fought bravely for their motherland.

Most remembered & decisive Battles of Rajasthan

The Battle of Tarain (1191& 1192)

These battles were fought between Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghori and the battles have a prominent mark in the Indian history. These two battles were fought in the years 1191 and 1192 consecutively near the town of Tarainin Haryana, between a Mohammad Ghoriwhose force led by Mu’izz al-Din and between Prithviraj Chauhan. During the first battles Prithviraj Chauhan won and recaptures the fortress of Bhatinda and in the second battle the victory flags were elevated by the Ghurid troops and Mu’izz al-Din force took over the Bihar province,and both the battles are known as one of the most decisive battles of India but not only Rajasthan.

Siege of Chittor (1303)

The Rajput Kings fought with Alauddin Khilji many times as the Delhi ruler had many battles with the Rajputs for different reasons. There were many Rajput kings who were killed by the Delhi Sultan while fighting to stop the invasion of the kind in his kingdom and eventually he was killed andwas defeated. But the siege of Chittor was a major one. As the Delhi fallen for the Queen of Chittor Rani Padmini and got obsessed over her beauty and wanted to take here into his harem. But according to the poetic tale of Padmavat her husband Raja Ratan Singh was killed while protecting her and Queen Padmini committed Jauhar when he attacked the Chittorgarh Fort.

Cannon in Mehrangarh Fort

Cannon in Mehrangarh Fort (Photo Credit : travelwayoflife)

Battle of Nagaur (1455)

This was fought between the Nagaur Sultanate and the Rajputs of Mewar. The battle started as a dispute between the two brothers of the sultans of Nagaur which led to a fight between Mujahid Khan and Shams Khan, and they later on the latter was defeated by his brother Shams Khan and took aid from Rana Kumbha the ruler of Mewar. But later on Rana Kumbha fought for the capital and took back the capital of Naugaur from him. He took the entire treasury of Shams Khan in form of precious stones and precious jewelry.

Battle of Dholpur( 1519)

This battle was fought between Rana Sanga and Ibramhim Lodi. This battle was previously fought between the same two in the year in Khatoli and even in this battle Rana SAnga won and in this consecutive battle was for the Dholpur kingdom and Ibrahim Lodhi’s army and it lead¬† to the surrender of the entire army and also the surrendered various properties and many other places that was captured by him. All off them were captured by Rana Sanga after he won te second battle with the sultan.

Invasion of Mewar (1520)

This battle was led by the Gujrat Sultan Muhammad shah II and his fight was with Rana Sanga. The sultan found the Ranjput king a threat and that acatully forced him to attack the king of Mewar when he returned from his movement in Gujarat.The sultan lead with a massive army of 100 elephants and 10,000 people and attacked the king which gradually sieged one by one the kingdom of the Rajputs such as Dungarpur and Banswara. And as a result the Rajput king, stopped Malik Ayaz but failed and Dungarpur and Banswarra kingdom sacked.

Battle of Chittor (1567)

This battle was again to obstruct the roots of Chittorgarh and this time it was made by the great Mughal King Akbar. And this was a fierce battle between Akbar and the Hindu Rajputs. This was a massive fight between the two and the volume of the fighters were huge as Akbar’s defenses expanded to more 50,000 men and increasedto 60,000 troops during the late phases of the attack, and eventually ended in a significant victory of the Mughals. Akbar attacked the Rajputs because the Rajputs became prevailing power after the defeat of Lodi Dynasty a strong contender of the Mughals.

Siege of Ranthambore (1568)

This was a famous siege of the Rajput history that was made by the Mughal king Akbar on the Ranthambore Fort and he was led by a huge army of more than 50,000 men.Akbar thought that Ranthambore Fort was a major risk to Mughal Empire because it was home to the great Hada Rajputs who called themselvesas the enemies of the Mughals. And before that Akbar already won the battle of Thanesar and Chittorgarh captured the Ranthambore fort and forced to surrender the Rajput leader Rai Surjan Hada. The battled recorded the use of the largest cannons by the Mughal army.

Battle of Haldighati (1576)

This is one of the major battles in the history of Rajasthan which is mostly remembered of the valor of Maharana Pratap and it was fought by another Rajput Man Singh but he led the forces of Mughal emperor Akbar. Pratap fought fearlessly against the Mughal army and it was continued for four hours but as the Mughal army got themselves in problem as they faced some rumors of Akbar’s hiding in a tunnel. But after two days of fight Maharana got isolated as Man Singh conquered Gogunda and started overtaking all the other capitals including Kumbhalgarh and Udaipur.

Battle of Maonda and Mandholi (1767)

This battle was fought between the Jat rulers of Bharatpur Jawahar Singh and the Rajput ruler Sawai Raja Madho of Amer. The jat maharaja was leading an army on his way back from Pushkar from Bharatpur when the forces of Sawai Raja Madho Singhattacked them near Maonda and Mandholi. The battle was all about social status and the Rajput king defeated the Jat ruler. This battle lost more than 5000 lives of men who fought against each other and there were many Kachwaha Rajput kings who fought in this battle to make it more memorable.

Battle of Malpura (1800)

Again this battle was between the two groups which were the alliance of the Rajput kings i.e. the Kingsof Jaipur which was ruled by the Kacchwahas and Jodhpur which was ruled by the Rathores and Gwalior kingdom which was ruled by the Scindia Marathas. The battle was the result of a crunch between the two governments and lead to a fierce battle. The battle result to the defeat by the Marathas and eventually it lead to sign a treaty to the British of the Jaipur kings and the roots of the battle developed between the increasing sour relationship of Jaipur and Gwalior Scindia`s Government due to debt of money.

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