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Shopping in Bikaner

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Bikaner is a district of the princely state of Rajasthan and one of the major cities for tourism. The city is known for its gorgeous heritage hotels and lovely palaces and forts. The city is a heartthrob for the tourists who really want to discover the colorful Rajasthan. Bikaner has all the touches of a great city for tourism and along with that the city has all the colors of shopping opportunities which is as one of the best experiences to be enjoyed in the city. Bikaner shopping is something which you will always cherish for and the things which you will buy will always keep you reminding for the place and you can get more nice memories with those things.

There are beautiful markets in Bikaner that are extremely vivid as they are filled with various kinds of articles and souvenirs and Bikaner is a place where the country’s best Kundan Jewelry is found and one can get the best of them.

There are many other things that can be bought while shopping in Bikaner which are beautiful and colorful and will give you vibrant memories.

What to Buy During Bikaner Shopping?

Bikaner is a shopper’s hub and people can buy a wide range of souvenirs from here that may vary from various things such as Kundan ornaments which are found in ample quantity in the market and there are many other things such as lehriya sarees, bangles, and leather mojris which are available in various designs and they are really eye striking and one would lose heart to them.

Most importantly Bikaner is a place where you can buy for the very warm and very light quilts or razaiis and they are popularly known as Nokha Razai. Amongst the Food items people can buy for Bikaneri Bhujiaand these are really yummy to try for.

Famous Markets in Bikaner

Kote Gate

This is one of the prime markets in Bikaner which are famous for dealing in various articles in the market such as kundan jewelry, khadi articles, beautiful wood carvings, miniature paintings and many others.

This market is also known for selling beautiful handicrafts and other items. This market will also provide you with enough of eating opportunities while you shop.

Station Road Market

The market is known for selling markets in Bikaner leather jackets, handicrafts, jootis, cotton fabrics, leather jootis, leather chairs and many others.

Bikaner is not so famous for its high profile markets but the local markets are vibrant enough to attract your eyes and one can get the best of Bikaner shopping experience through this market.

Station road market is especially known for its bhujia shops which are nationally famous for the lip smacking taste.

Mahatma Gandhi Road Market

This is also one of the major street markets to be visited while you go for shopping in Bikaner. While you visit this place in the evening you will find the glittering shops which will more sparkle with the glittery bangles, glass embroidered lehangas and chunnis and sparkling jooti shops which will not only catch your eyes but also provoke you to buy them.



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