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Bikaner History

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Bikaner is a princely city of Rajasthan with the best of ancient architecture and the best heritage hotels. The city is also known for its awesome Kundan jewelry and the best of the forts and palaces which are the epitome of the royal lifestyle of the kings and the Rajput Kings. The city of the royals was also known as Bangladesh and according to the history of Bikaner, the city used to be a princely state that was founded in the 15th century when it was called by this name and post era of British territory that happened in 1818, bloomed after the independence of India in 1947. The city is indeed a great tourist destination and the people who come to this city often enjoy the beautiful sites of the city as well as they can also enjoy the charm reflecting the history of Bikaner.

History of Bikaner

The history of Bikaner is having a rich saga of the royal Jats and the Rajput kings and the city was founded by Rao Bika. In the early 15th century the city was ruled by the Jat Kings and the city was reigned by the Jat dynasties and their forefathers.

The various Jat clans that ruled the city were Punia, Godara, Saran Sihag, Johiya Dhaka, Beniwal, and Kaswan and they ruled the city for a longer time. The city was ruled by the Mughal also as the Mughal king Humayun came into reign and king Akbar was ruled this city.

After Akbar started ruling India Raja Rai Singh, who was the sixth ruler of Bikaner was among the first Rajput Chiefs who came in front to make an association with the Mughal Empire. And after their association Mughal emperor, Akbar makes a warm welcome of the rulers of Bikaner and they were honored and stated as the most loyal supporters of the empire and held high ranks as Mansabdars.

The Mughals and the Rajputs shared a warm relation with each other but with the demise of Aurangzeb, the relation went into an ending. A Rajput king Sujan Singh broke the relation with the Mughal throne officially.

RaoBika – The Founder of Bikaner

RaoBika was popularly known as the ‘Founder of Bikaner’was the elder son of Rao Jodha, who was king of Marwar, and he was motivated by a comment by his father that, left him homeless and moved to Marwar which is presently known as Jodhpur and stayed as a small dependent of Rathore warriors that consisted a number of 500 soldier and 100 cavalrymen and with this volume was enough to create his own kingdom and further he was escorted by his uncle, Rawat Kandhal.

He respected his spiritual power Karni Mata and that force him to make better decisions to run the kingdom. Karni Mata who had become the Kala Devi of RaoBikahad brought the rivalry between the Rathore& Bhati. After the death of RaoJodha RaoBika attacked Mehrangarh Fort and it brought war between the two groups. He died in the year 1504.

Bikaner Palace

Bikaner Palace

Bikaner Palace by Preshit Deorukhkar

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