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Dhariyawad - Historic City of Pratapgarh

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Dhariyawad Tourism and Travel Guide

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Dhariyawad is the most happening town in the tourism map of Rajasthan. It is located in Dhariawad Mandal, Pratapgarh District in Rajasthan State in western India. It is to be noted that Dhariyawad is located nearly 36.6 km away from the district headquarter, Main City Pratapgarh. On the other hand, from the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur, it is approximately 341 km away from this town. This place is dotted with large lakes, forts, palaces, National park, wildlife sanctuaries and temples. The Fort Dhariyawad which is a majestic structure that belongs to the 16th century and Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary are some major attraction in Dhariyawad.

History of Dhariyawad and Pratapgarh

In the ancient days, the Sisodia clan ruled the Mewar region for more than eight hundred years in a stretch.

It is to be noted that this region was ruled by famous rulers like Maharana Pratap (May 9, 1540 – January 19, 1597), Maharana Kumbha and Maharana Sangram Singh (also known as Rana Sanga).

According to the historians and local legends, in the 14th century, Maharana Kumbha (1433–1468) was the ruler of Chittaurgarh state.

Later Kshemkarn’s son Prince Surajmal (1473–1530) became the ruler of Devalia In 1514 at Dewaliya, (also called Devgarh), Surajmal successfully established his capital of ‘Kanthal-Desh’ which is a small town nearly 10 km in the west from present Pratapgarh town.

The city got its name after Maharawat Pratap Singh. It is not named after Maharana Pratap, as usually mistaken by the public.

Best time to visit Dhariyawad

According to the Rajasthan tourism department, Dhariyawad can be visited throughout the year by the native and foreign tourist. The best time to visit the town of Dhariyawad is during the month of Octobers to March. It is to be noted that the summer is very hot so those who can bear those heat conditions can venture into this Thar Desert region. It is to be remembered that the rainy season occurs during the month of June to September. Those who like rainy season can venture to this region in these months.

Weather in Dhariyawad

Dhariyawad town is located in the Thar Desert region of Pratapgarh district at an average elevation of 154 meters. The prevailing climatic condition of Dhariyawad is throughout the year is sunny temperature having a good variation in its range.

  • During the rainy season, the Dhariyawad gets scattered showers. The winds speed is NW 11-15 km/h. During the summer season, the area is commonly dry and very hot.
  • During the summer period the maximum temperature is 42.2 °C and the minimum temperature is 27.3°C.
  • On the other hand during the winter season the maximum temperature is 27.5 °C and the minimum temperature is 9.5 °C.
  • The Humidity of this particular village ranges from 32 to 37 % with a dew point level of 11° to 17°.
  • The suitable season for the native and foreign tourists for sightseeing is winter season as the weather condition prevailing will be pleasant and cool.

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