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Places to See in Jhalawar

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Jhalawar Fort- Jhalawar Fort was built by Maharaja Rana Madan Singh during 1840-1845 and is also known by the name 'Garh Palace'. It is located at the centre of the Jhalawar city. This fort, adorned with beautiful paintings is presently the Collectorate and many other Government offices of Jhalawar. There are Sheesh Mahal rooms in the the fort which are artistically partitioned into cubicles.Magnificent inlay work on walls and ceilings are now covered up with dust. Some locked rooms in Garh Palace are the repositories of portrait paintings and many miniature style paintings. Its entry is free and easy to reach here as located at the heart of Jhalawar city.

Bhawani Natya Shala

Bhawani Natya Shala was built in the year 1921 and is located in proximity to the Jhalawar Fort.

The highlight of the place is its unique underground construction and also the stage, built at a low elevation so that the horses and chariots can be made to appear easily.

It is believed that there are only eight such theatres in the whole world and renowned plays like Shakuntalam and Shakespeare were performed here when the theatre was extremely popular.

Government Museum

It houses numerous sculptures, ancient Indian art which dates back more than a century and some even rescued from the jungles of Kakuni.

One can find rare manuscripts, paintings, coins and 5th, 7th-century inscriptions.

It is located outside the Jhalawar Fort with a nominal Rs 3/- entry fee and 10 am to 5 pm timings. There are no entry charges on Monday and on Friday the museum is closed.

Chandrabhaga Temples

Chandrabhaga Temples are about 7 km away from Jhalawar and is situated on the banks of the River Chandrabhaga.

There are many temples on the banks of the River, but three of the most popular ones are Shri Dwarkadhish Temple, the Shantinath Jain Temple, and the Padmanath Temple.

These temples, built between the 6th and 14th centuries are the classic examples of the art of the old days.

Chandramouli Mahadev Temple

Located on the bank of Chandrabhaga river temple complex is the place where one can find total peace.

The 7th-century remains of the Chandra Mouli Mahadev temple make you feel the presence of Chandravati, a city founded by the successors of Vikramaditya.

Passionate poses of the idols of the temple and magnificent sculptures are eye catches of the visitors. Temple has the timings between 6 am to 9 pm.

Gagron Fort

Gagron Fort is surrounded by water of the Ahu and Kali Sindh on three sides. The fort was constructed between the 7th and 14th centuries and is located at a distance of 12 km from Jhalawar.

From the ‘Burj’ of the fort, one can enjoy a spectacular view. It has well-preserved chambers, artistic doorways, arches, and pillars. Protected by water and forests, this fort is among the few historical sites which has both ‘van’ and ‘jaldurg.

Outside the fort, travelers can find the Dargah of the Sufi Saint Mitthe Shah. The monastery of Saint Pipa Ji, who is renowned as the contemporary of Saint Kabir, is also located near the fort.

Prithvi Vilas Palace

Prithvi Vilas Palace was built in the year 1912 A.D by King Bhawani Singh. The palace can be entered from three sides and also houses a monogram that states the stories of humility and chivalry of the former rulers.

Spreads in about 150 acres of land, it is surrounded by lotus moats. In the palace, one can see intricate carvings, domes, chhatris, magnificent old furniture, and paintings. Presently, a family member of the former ruler of the place lives in this palace.

Bhawani Natya Shala, Jhalawar

Bhawani Natya Shala, Jhalawar

Bhawani Natya Shala by William Warren

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