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Jhalawar History

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History of Jhalawar

Jhala Zalim Singh founded the city of Jhalawar. He was a popular Dewan of Kota State in 1791 A.D. The township established by him was then largely known as Chaoni Umedpura, as a cantonment. There was thick dense forest filled with wildlife then surrounding this particular township. He used to visit this forest for a game of hunting and recreation with his group of soldiers.

Jhala Zalim Singh largely understood the strategic importance of this township.

He thought that the development of this township to a military base will check the invasion of Marathas into this region to capture Kota and the rest of the Mewar region and its kingdom.

By 1803, this cantonment was well established as a major military base by Jhala Zalim Singh. There are large Havelis and houses built during that time.

The English rulers appointed Jhala Madan Singh, the grandson of Jhala Zalim Singh as the ruler by separated Jhalawar state from Kota state in 1838 A.D. He ruled from Jhalara Patan and built the Garh Palace (1840 – 1845 A.D).
According to the historians and local legends, he was the perfect king of the region who made large scale significant contribution to the overall development of Jhalawar state. Later he passed away.

Then Jhala Prithvi Singh successfully became the ruler of Jhalawar state, and he ruled for nearly 30 years.

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