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Kota - Land of the Chambal

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Kota Tourism and Travel Guide

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Snuggled on the banks of Chambal River, the kaleidoscopic Kota is the third largest city in Rajasthan. Noted for its distinctive style of paintings, palaces, museums and places of worship, Kota is a winsome tourist destination that will give you traveling goals in Rajasthan. A beautiful amalgamation of art and culture can be found in the city’s masonry and architecture that catches the attention at once. The glaring city of Kota is adorned with paintings, mirrors, chandeliers and floral carvings which entice the tourists to capture the city’s regal charm in the eye of the camera.

Kota boasts a rich history which dates back to the 12th century AD when Rao Deva, a Chauhan Rajput Chieftain conquered the territory and founded Bundi and Hadoti. Kota back then was a part of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi and was later carved out of Bundi in 1631 as an independent Rajput state. The kingdom of Kota had a stormy history as it was raided by various Mughal rulers, Maharajas of Jaipur and even the Maratha warlords. The charming city is celebrated for its architectural grandeur that can be seen here in the form of palaces, temples and museums which serve as a memoir of the bygone era.

Kota is famous for?

A reminder of the Rajput traditions and bravery, Kota is known for its wonderful heritage. The city is dotted with numerous striking temples, historical forts, and grand palaces. The admirers of art and architecture can see the Victorian-style structures that will remind you of British architecture.

You can buy the famous Doria and silk saris of Kota that are gracefully donned by many women or visit the museums of Kota which houses Kota’s coat of arms that was once praised for its wonderful designs.

Why Visit Kota in Rajasthan ?

An inviting tourist destination luring wanderers from all over the world to explore its unexplored areas, Kota has made people fall head over heels for its rustic charm.

Known for its rich culture and heritage, Kota is a land of forts, museums, temples, and traditions. From hospitality to the finger-licking good food, everything is just amazing here.

Kota is also famous for its prestigious educational institutions that are known for the preparation of Engineering and Medical entrance exams. The pleasant weather, good connectivity, and abundance of hot spots makes Kota a must-visit the place.

Some of the popular attractions of Kota that you must visit are Gandhi Sagar, Rana Pratap Sagar, Seven Wonders Park, Godavari Dham Temple, Jagmandir Palace, Kishore Lake, Jawahar Sagar, Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary and Kota Government Museum.

Best time to visit Kota

The best time to visit Kota is during the month of September to March. Summer months are hot and winters are somewhat more pleasant than cold. From Dussehra onwards in October month festive season starts, so everyone can enjoy visiting Kota at that period of time.

Weather of Kota

Kota records a mix hot and pleasant. During summer months i.e from March to June, temperature ranges between 30°C to 43°C. The temperature remains very much pleasant during winters and lies between 11°C to 25°C. Monsoons are humid and moderate with a charming attraction.

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