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Anand Sagar Lake

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The Anand Sagar Lake is an artificial lake , which was constructed by Lanchi Bai, the Rani of Maharval Jagami and is located on the eastern part of Banswara. It is enclosed by the holy trees named ‘Kalpa Vriksha’, famous for fulfilling the wishes of the visitors. The ‘chattris’ or cenotaphs of the rulers of the state are also scattered nearby. The lake is a famous tourist spot in Banswara and is visited by locals and tourists alike.

Nearby the lake are small mountains where is the famous Ram Kund, also known as ‘Phati Khan’ because there is a deep cave under a hill. There is a Pool of very cold water found through out the year. It is said that Lord Ram, during his exile came & stayed here. It is a beautiful place surrounded by hills.



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