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Excursions From Sariska

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Ajabgarh Fort- The Ajabgarh Fort, an attraction in the Alwar District of Rajasthan, lies between Bhangarh and Pratapgarh Fort and is about 73.7 km away from Sariska. The Fort was built by Ajab Singh Rajawat, the grandson of Madho Singh and is famous for its picturesque beauty. Ajabgarh Town and its adjoining areas are clearly visible from the fort. This fort is closely associated with the history and mythology of the Bhangarh Fort and town.

Bhangarh FortThe Bhangarh Fort was built in 1613 by Madho Singh, the son of the great Mughal General, Man Singh of Amber. It is located in the Bhangarh town, at a distance of 79.2 kms away from Sariska.

This fort medieval fort, which is now in ruins is surrounded by a wall in a partially dilapidated condition. Visitors are advised not to go into the site before sunrise and after sunset, as there is a fear that the peculiar atmosphere of Bhangarh can cause a strange restlessness among the people visiting this place.

Pratapgarh Fort– The Pratapgarh Fort, located at a distance of 40.5 kms away from Sariska city, is a historical place known for its natural beauty.

This historic fort is located on the top of a hill and overlooks Pratapgarh and the beautiful landscape around it. Pratapgarh Town has a deep-rooted connection with the history and legends of Bhangarh.


Alwar is just 4kms away from Sariska and known for its forts and palaces.

Bala Quila- Bala Quila or Alwar Fort have magnificent architectural design which was built in the Mughal era by Hasan Khan Mewati in the year 1550 A.D. Its masonry works and grandiose structural designs are beauteous.

Bala Quila has 6 gates, 5 magnificent towers, and 51 small towers which contribute to make it a grand structure.

City Palace- City Palace also famously known as the Vinay Vilas Mahal provides a look of glorious and impressive lifestyle of Maharajas. City Palace is a huge grand monument which was built by Raja Bakhtawar in 1793 A.D.

Ruled by kings like Babar, Jahangir, Maharaja Pratap Singh, it has a long history in its splendid range of miniature paintings, central courtyard and many more antique pieces.

Tomb of Fateh Jung- Famously known as Fateh Jung Ki Gumbaj, Tomb of Fateh Jung is the magnificent and one of the most popular monuments in Alwar.

It is the tomb of Fateh Jung, a minister of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It has a marvelous design in all its five stories and a beautiful garden makes this cenotaph most popular among visitors.

Company Bagh- Company Bagh is a picturesque lush green garden. It has attractive colourful lawns surrounded by sprawling promenade. Company Bagh was built by Raja Shiv Dan Singh in 1868 A.D.

Clock Tower- Clock Tower is a monument having a pretty large four sided clock on top. The lower portion of the tower possesses aesthetic architectural structure, while the middle part has some popular patriotic slogans.

Bhangarh fort ruins, alwar

Bhangarh fort ruins, alwar

Bhangarh fort ruins by Parth Joshi

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