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Desert National Park

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Desert National Park was established in the year 1980 with an objective to preserve both desert flora and fauna. Scores of tourists visit this place so that they can get the glimpses of rolling sand dunes and exotic animal species in the midst of desert landscapes. It is situated in Rajasthan and demonstrates the remarkable ecological biodiversity of the known Thar Desert. The pleasant ecosystem comprises varied flora and fauna, along with rich wildlife that offer a cherished experience through the rugged mountains, cracked land, and sand dunes of the desert.

The charming beauty of stony rocks, roadways and dense salt lake arrests the heart and soul of every visitor who visit this place. The region is a haven for migratory and resident birds of the desert. Many eagles, harriers, falcons, buzzards, kestrel and vultures. Among the birds the Short-toed Eagles, Tawny Eagles, Spotted Eagles, Laggar Falcons and kestrels are the most common among these. Sand grouse are spotted near small ponds or lakes. The endangered Great Indian Bustard is a magnificent bird found in relatively fair numbers in this place. It migrates locally in different seasons. The most suitable time to visit the area is between November and January. The Desert National Park has a collection of fossils of animals and plants of 180 million years back. Some fossils of Dinosaurs of 6 million years old have been found in the area. The Desert National Park is mostly famous for the Indian Blackbuck which is a rare species among the deer’s and antelopes.

Desert National Park Attractions

The vegetation is in scarce, at this place and patches of sewan grass and aak shrub or the Calotropis can be seen. The landscape includes craggy rocks and compact salt lake bottoms, as well as intermediate areas and both fixed and shifting dunes. Around 20 percent of the vast expanse is covered with sand dunes. There are some lakes which are a worth visit in the Desert National Park are Padam Talao Lake, Rajbaugh Lake, Milak Lake are the main water sources for the animals dwelling in this sandy environment.

Desert National Park Visitor Information

Desert National Park Entry
: All the visitors looking forward to explore the Desert National Park have to pay an entry fee of 100 rupees per head. Hiring a jeep or a car costs another 100 rupees and hiring a coach costs 200 rupees extra.
Best Time To Visit : From November to March

How To Reach Desert National Park

The national park is located about 40 km from Jaisalmer city and tourist can reach here either by bus or can hire a cab or taxi from Jaisalmer City.

By Air : Jodhpur Airport is the nearest airport to National Park.

Desert National Park

Desert National Park

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