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Rajasthan District Courts

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District Courts are established by the state government of Rajasthan to empower justice to each and every part of the state. Rajasthan district courts are under the administrative control of the Rajasthan High Court. All the decisions taken by Rajasthan district court are subject to the appellate jurisdiction of Rajasthan High Court.

Rajasthan District Courts Composition

Each Rajasthan district has its highest court with a District and Session Judge. Each district court is the prncipal court of civil jurisdiction and derives its jurisdiction in civil matters from the code of civil procedure. For criminal matters there is a session court in each district court which runs under the code of Criminal procedure.

The state government is the prime body to appoints the District and Session judge. Over work load of the District Judges are bear by the Additional District Judges and Assistant District Judges who have equal jurisdiction as the District Judge. But District Judge has the supervisory control over Additional and Assistant District Judges which nclude decisions on allocation of work among them. District and Session Judge act as a ‘District Judge’ over civil matters and ‘Session Judge’ over criminal matters. If the district court is in a city (metropolitan) then district judge also called as ‘Metropolitan District Judge’.

Rajasthan District Courts