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Mount Abu Pictures

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Latest Mount Abu Travel Pictures

Mount Abu, hill station of Rajasthan is known for its high peaks and sunsets views from them. An oasis of the desert, Mount Abu attracts lovebirds and couples and places like Guru Shikhar, Achalgarh are good for trekking too.

Explore the exclusive photos and image gallery of Mount Abu and get better view of Mount Abu to plan your tour. RajasthanDirect.com features the latest pictures of Mount Abu clicked by Rajasthan Direct Team, Professional Photographers, travellers visiting Mount Abu in India.

As per a common phrase "A picture is worth thousand words". Now you have many pictures of Mount Abu, which is simply like reading a book in few minutes.

Following are some of the best pictures of Mount Abu in Rajasthan

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Observatory at Mount Abu, Rajastan

Observatory at Mount Abu, Rajastan

Observatory at Mount Abu by Motographer

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